Clip-In vs Tape Hair Extension – Which Is Better?


For years people have been using hair extensions to provide gorgeous look to their hair. Men generally use hair extension to hide their baldness, but women use it to augment their appearance. Extensions are not only used to add length to hair but to improve volume of thin or fine hair as well. Hair extensions are generally imitation of your natural hair that are deceptive to other people about the reality of your natural hair. Although hair extensions are available in assorted colors, shades and designs, but your hair style can make or disintegrate your appearance with a specific hair extension you use.

Jadore Clip In hair Extensions Australia

Using a type of hair extension

Before using a type of hair extension, you would need an answer to a few questions. What material is used to make hair extensions? Are these materials natural or synthetic? How can you use extensions? What is the perfect type of extension? Extensions can be made from 100% natural human hair, but these are more expensive compared to a synthetic material. In earlier times, people generally use their own shed hair due to daily combing to get extension prepared for their use, but synthetic hair extensions are more prevalent in modern times. Top hair supplies companies such as Jadore Hair Supplies usetop-notch material in their products. There are two types of extensions – Clip-in and Tape Hair Extension, while former is often used but latter is more advantageous, though bit expensive.There is no perfect type as regular use of hair extensions have a probable risk of hair loss that can lead to baldness. However, in good brand types such as Jadore Tape Hair Extensions such risk is reduced to a great extent.

Why should you use best brand?

Best brand like Jadore Clip In hair Extensions Australia offer good worth of your money as well as diminished risk of hair loss. Even use of Clip-in type is not less good compared to low-quality Tape Type Hair Extension.