Has social media taken us away from reality?

The world we live in a rather irrational and illogical. Since the digital generation has arrived, twenty first century has completely changed for once and for all. In the current world scenario, people spend more time talking on phones rather than talking in person. We are more aware about what’s happening thousands of miles away compared to what’s happening in the room next to ours. Since we have got so many social media platforms such as WhatsApp application, Facebook, Snapchat and many more, we have stopped trying to communicate and meet people in person.


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The current generation is the one that is most affected by social media. They have never experienced what it was like before the internet was popular. But now the first thing that they do after getting a mobile phone is to¬†whatsapp downloading from the play store and start messaging their friends from all over the world. The creativity level in kids have gone down significantly and according to a recent research, it was found out that since the rise of social media, cases of depression have increased significantly. The availability of all the apps is very easy. You can download free WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and all the other social networking apps with one touch. One has to argue whether social media has brought more bad that good. Have we all lost our true self by hiding behind a mobile phone or laptop. We can’t completely boycott social media but can definitely limit our daily use.

The younger generations and the generations to come will never know how it was before. They won’t understand the fun of meeting people in real and hanging out with them. At this moment we are content with our life on social media and have lost touch with the world.