Know the Jobs You Can Land Via Registration With a Hospitality Staffing Agency

With the hospitality industry looking to reach a $700 billion mark by the end of 2017, the job profiles are becoming more lucrative in this sector.  Just as the payment standards of these jobs are increasing, similarly there remain only a handful of firms that employ workers with such high salary package. After all, quality staffing is a fundamental point that most of these organizations look forth to.

Therefore, as a job seeker, it is important to note which job profiles pay you the most. It is only then that you can understand the course and specialization of your study.

hospitality staffing agency

Job profiles that pay you the maximum:

  1. General Manager:

This is the most opted profession after securing a degree in hospitality management. With a pay package of $80,000-$90,000, your job profile will include complete planning and management of that particular organization.

  1. Regional Chef:

Another important job profile with a pay pack of $115,000-$120,000, your primary job role would be to plan out and create menus and include local cuisine into it. Most of the companies looking for quality staffing for their restaurants consult authentic agencies to check out this profile. Your registration could give you an edge over others.

  1. Slot Operations Manager:

The job role, in this case, is of reviewing the electrical machinery in the casinos and ensuring that there is no glitch in the gaming process. With a pay ranging within $80,000-$90,000, this is surely a great profile which interests many recruiters.

  1. Travel Manager:

This is one of the most lucrative profiles wherein you get a pay within $82,000-$85,000 for organizing the concerned trip without any technical or logistical fault.

Importance of staffing agencies:

You must be wondering as to how a good staff providing agency can benefit you in any manner. Well, the fact is when you enroll your name in any of these authentic agencies; it opens a gateway for you to land a plump job in this hospitality sector. Hence, for connecting with the correct set of recruiters, joining an authentic hospitality staffing agency is imperative.