Moti Ferder: The known Name in Diamond market

Moti Ferder is the master craftsman and jewelry expert who is etched a mark in the diamond jewelry industry. He is also considered as the kind of diamond jewelry by a few people in this diamond market. He has started his career as a diamond cutter in the young age and grown slowly as the best diamond cutter in the market. With his vast knowledge and experience in the diamond industry, he started his own firm with the name Lugano diamonds which is gaining a huge popularity in the international jewelry market. This Lugano diamonds salon is selling one of its kind jewelry that is wooing every woman to land in this salon to buy their favorite diamond jewelry on special occasions. Undeniably, every woman has lots of love for jewelry, especially diamonds. When talking about diamonds, one definitely evokes Moti Ferder who has earned a huge reputation in the diamond jewelry world with his unique designs.

He is the director and CEO of Lugano diamonds. This firm has established itself to be one of the best producers of diamond jewelry in the world. This company sells jewelry and rarest gem stones that are hard to find in small diamond stores. The unique design is what client love about Lugano Diamonds. Whenever they step into this salon, they see unique designs every time. The company procures diamonds, cut them in right shape using specialized tools and then take the design requirements of clients into consideration and then embellish these diamond stones into those designs and create masterpieces that look perfect on every woman.

He started two salons of this firm one is in California and the other in Colorado; both these salons are doing good business and are adding to the fame and money of Ferder. He has risen to such heights that he added celebrities and famous executives in his clientele list.