Online Open Access Publishing With Dove Medical Press

Founded in 2003, Dove Medical Press (DMP) is a publisher of peer reviewed open access journals. These journals cover a broad spectrum of technology, science and medicine, in particular. The aim of DMP is to combine the latest publishing technologies with the best editorial standards.

Open access

All the journals at DMP are open access. This means that if you publish a journal, your paper would be available for download to anyone in the world. The download can be done for free from the website directly.

There are numerous advantages of online open access publishing. In the essence of it all, it provides more responsiveness and better flexibility to readers and authors alike. The publishing process is rapid and prompt. It is not possible for older journals to match such responsiveness.

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No rejection due to lack of space

The thing with a lot of conventional printed journals is that there is a chance of your paper being rejected. Sometimes, lack of space could be the cause of this rejection. A lot of journals of Dove Medical Press receive numerous. However, since all of their journals are published only, there is basically no physical restriction on the size or number of papers they can publish.

Quick turnaround time

For many journals, there can be a long time gap between submission of a paper and a decision being made. Sometimes, the time gap could be of several months, which frustrates the authors. The turnaround times at DMP is fast for medical publisher.

It usually takes just four to five weeks for completion of peer review and first editorial decision. Although the peer review at Dove Medical Press is very fast, it is also very thorough. The comments of the peer reviewers can make a substantial addition to the final papers of the authors.