Specially Treated Teak Wood for Garden Benches

Garden furniture is somewhat different from indoor furniture because it has vast exposure to open environment. Thus, it must be rough and tough to sustain in weird weather conditions. Wrought iron was the most used material for garden benches in the past. Wrought iron garden benches painted for surface protection have traditional use on many different places, but there has been lot of variations in the materials over time.

teak garden benches

Cane-crafted garden benches for garden

Some other light weight, durable, and cheaper materials in new designs have substituted wrought iron. Cane is one cheap material and form of natural wood material that has found ample use in making of garden benches because it offers beautiful look and is not much effected by sunlight or water, although its use is not prevalent in public gardens. Cane made garden benches are good for homes, restaurants, pubs, and private parks. These benches are light weight and can be used without or with painted surface. Cane garden benches are quite affordable in being a lowered price and are available in beautiful designs. They don’t need much maintenance.

Specially treated teak for garden benches

For those who have craze for top-notch garden benches for their home, office, or business place, wooden garden benches are good because of their exceptional look.  But normal wood has no durability for outdoor use. Thus, teak garden benches are specially designed for extra durability. Teak wood, especially plantation teak, is tough and sustainable material in different conditions and is good for contemporary garden benches. This teak wood is selected for premium grain, color, and quality. Its crafting is done by skilled workers because every bit of teak is expensive. That’s why precise cutting of its every tenon and mortise joint is fully ensured to avoid damage or wastage and dried to desired moisture level to prevent distorting and cracking. This also increases its sustainability and life.