The warranty covers for mobile phones, ipads and ipods

The concept of warranty cover is essentially a high end that the manufacturing companies want to gain control over. The warranty concepts arise of the need of assuring the customers about the durability of the product in addition to providing him assurance about the safety and security pf their product in case of any fault developing in it, of course for a short period of time. As per the accounting standards, mobile accessories attract quite a large portion of its value as depreciation charges, thus securing the product for 2 years or 3 years requires lion’s heart for the companies. Thus, the major companies provide their customers assurance for only 1 year or 1.5 year or maximum 2, but if the conditions demand it can be extended too. It is highly clever on the end of the companies that they do claim the warranty period taking into account the reliability of their product’s material so that no major charges for the repair or replacement of the product can be paid.

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After the declaration of warranty period, the company does not bother at all about the faults in their product for the reason if there arises any problem in the handset it can be solved easily with the latest technologies procured at the company official service centres. But after the expiration of the warranty period the issue is left for the customer to get troubled and move from centres to centres to get it right and live tense freely. Therefore, https// takes utmost care of the customer care services where they tend to support the customer and assist them in getting their problems heard. The need to roam from centres to centres is thus minimised wjen a single solution technology news  team can be engaged.