Understand Moti Ferder, CEO of Lugano diamond

The unique fine jewellery retailer Lugano Diamond is headed by Moti Ferder. He has been instrumental in expanding the business from a normal startup. The company had started their operations in a diamond business way back in 2005 at California by opening a branch at Newport Beach. The brand is touted as one of the prestigious luxury brands today and boasts of some of the best finer cut diamonds that are available in the market today.

The growth of Moti Ferder

Moti has been a diamond cutter since 1991 and is educated gemologist. He is a thorough professional; who has handled all facets of supply chain like the sourcing of the diamonds, cutting of the diamonds, wholesale distribution of the diamonds and development of diamonds for retail sale.

Moti Ferder has served for four years in the Israel army and he grew up in Israel. His interest has helped the company grow beyond retail sales and he has been working on a luxury project in aviation. He has been into Lugano diamonds from 1998 onwards and his experience as an army professional when he was able to look after 400 soldiers at the age of nineteen has helped him face challenges in the business.

The services offered in the salons are top notch and the company has done many social activities helping the environment and so on. There are lots of philanthropic activities done by the company under Moti.

The real secret of the brand success is the effort taken by Moti. He has ensured that brand is positioned in luxury space and the customer ha to take a pre-appointment before being escorted inside the showroom. The brand’s lack of retail space has been the best way to connect with the customers and the brand has been build by concentrating on clients one at a time and getting good referral points.